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The DS3678-SR part of the Zebra 3600 series ultra-rugged scanners

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Whether your warehouse is looking to capture 1D or 2D barcodes the Zebra DS3678-SR is great option for you. The Zebra DS3678-SR allows users to improve there productivity with its cordless technology and quality and reliable scanning from standard ranges.

It's rugged design makes this advanced scanner a good choice in challenging warehouse and manufacturing environments. The scanning technology allows you to scan barcodes from a near contact distance to nearly 5ft.1.5m away whether it is displayed on paper or on a screen.

The Zebra DS3678-SR offers a full cordless solution with a cradle,smart battery and it uses Zebras Wi-Fi friendly mode technology that stops any interference with your wifi network. All the features of this scanner combined leads to an easier and more productive working environment for your workforce.

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