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MPN: DS4308-HD00007ZZWW

The feature rich next generation 2D imager

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The DS4308 HD is a feature filled scanner that really is considered as the next generation in 2D imaging. This scanner allows workers to capture practically any barcode fast than ever, no matter whether it is displayed on a smartphone,PC , tablet or paper format. 

The small and lightweight design gives workers the ergonomic comfort that will allow them to do the most scan intensive all day jobs. The DS4308 range is popular in a wide range of businesses including retail and manufacturing. Regardless of which model you choose, you can be confident of getting one powerful scanner that does the job of two. 

 This HD (High Density) model scans a range of barcodes from a standard size right the way through to the tiny and dense barcodes that can be found on items such as jewelry tags, consumer electronics and electronic components. 

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