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This item was discontinued on the 01-07-2016 and replaced with Zebra ZD410 203dpi
Compatible Label Rolls (10 Rolls)
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    Z-Select 2000D 25 x 76mm Label Roll 3007207

    Labels Per Roll: 930

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 3007207
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    Z-Select 2000D 32 x 25mm Label Roll 800261-105

    Labels Per Roll: 2580

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 800261-105
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    Z-Select 2000D 31 x 22mm Label Roll 3007208-T

    Labels Per Roll: 2780

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 3007208-T
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    Z-Perform 1000D 38 x 25mm Label Roll 880595-025DU

    Labels Per Roll: 2580

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 880595-025DU
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    Z-Select 2000D 57 x 51mm Label Roll 800262-205

    Labels Per Roll: 1370

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 800262-205
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    Z-Select 2000D 51 x 25mm Label Roll 880199-025D

    Labels Per Roll: 2580

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 880199-025D
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    Z-Select 2000D 57 x 32mm Label Roll 800262-125

    Labels Per Roll: 2100

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 800262-125
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    Z-Select 2000D 57 x 102mm Label Roll 800262-405

    Labels Per Roll: 700

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 800262-405
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    Z-Select 2000D 57 x 76mm Label Roll 3007209-T

    Labels Per Roll: 930

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 3007209-T
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    Z-Select 2000D 57 x 19mm Label Roll 800262-075

    Labels Per Roll: 3315

    Zebra Technologies MPN - 800262-075
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A Powerful, Ultra-Compact Label Printer

The Zebra LP2824 Plus is one of the smallest in its class, with it's easy to use features the LP2824 plus prints 2-inch wide labels or receipts. The LP2824 plus includes the Zebra Setup Utilities, which means it will guide you step by step through the simple install process to get you up and running quickly, it also includes an OpenACCESS design and clear window for simple loading and monitoring.

Better Performance, More Flexibility

The Zebra LP2824 plus uses a 32-bit RISC processor allows for faster formatting. With the choice of peeler and cutters available and the ability to store a number of different fonts and graphics on a 64 mb flash drive this printer offers a range of flexibility and enhanced performance. 

This printer uses the EPL and ZPL programming languages allowing it to work seamlessly with other Zebra printers with USB/serial/parallel connectivity as standard and the optional upgrade of Ethernet(10/100) connectivity.

Product Specifications

  • Print method: Direct thermal (LP)
  • Odometer for printer length tracking
  • Unicode compliant for multi-language printing
  • Reset feature button
  • Construction: ABS double-walled casing
  • OpenACCESS design for easy media loading
  • 32 bit RISC processor for high throughput
  • Auto calibration of media
  • Head-up sensor
  • Zebra Setup Utilities for printer setup and configuration
  • Standard tear-off mode
  • Certified Microsoft Windows drivers

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