Zebra Technologies
MPN: 10012712-1
Labels Per Roll: 350
Label Size: 25 x 254 mm
Compatible Printers (4 Models)
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    Zebra GT800


    Zebra Technologies MPN - GT800-100520-100
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    Zebra GT800 with Serial, Parallel, USB & Dispenser

    USB, Dispenser (Peeler), Serial, Parallel,

    Zebra Technologies MPN - GT800-100521-100
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    Zebra GT800 with Serial,Parallel,USB & Ethernet

    USB, Ethernet, Serial, Parallel,

    Zebra Technologies MPN - GT800-100420-100
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    Zebra GT800 with Serial,USB,Ethernet and Dispenser

    USB, Ethernet, Dispenser (Peeler), Serial,

    Zebra Technologies MPN - GT800-100421-100
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Direct thermal polypropylene wristband with permanent adhesive (tab closure) red

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